As I Am

As I Am

“You’re not invisible. You’re invaluable.”

When Kinley Carmichael looks in the mirror, she doesn’t see her blonde-haired, blue-eyed, size 4 twin sister. She sees her dark-haired, brown-eyed, size 12 self.

Kinley and her twin sister Addison are excited to start their second summer as counselors at The Camp at Lake Hollis. All Kinley wants is to earn enough money to meet up with her mother so they travel the world as professional photographers. All Addison wants is to work on her tan, seduce a boy, and build her fashion budget. And while Kinley and Addison couldn’t be more opposite, nothing has ever stopped them from being the best of friends.

It’s an especially great summer for Kinley as the official camp photographer with Notre Dame Quarterback Cal Harper showing interest in her. But when artist Miller Conrad arrives and rejects Addison’s advances, showing more interest in Kinley, true colors will shine and the sisters’ bond will be tested.

As Kinley and Miller’s connection deepens, Kinley feels like she can truly be herself without the internal scrutiny she’s developed in the shadow of her sister. But when Kinley inadvertently uncovers a terrible secret, Miller is left facing the demons of his own reasons for coming to Lake Hollis.

What was supposed to be the greatest summer of Kinley’s life turns out to be more life-changing than she ever imagined.

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1 thought on “As I Am

  1. The first books I read were the Lake Triology series, and I didn’t think I would love another the same. Well…Annalisa, you have filled my heart with so much joy AGAIN! I started reading As I Am this morning on the bus and I just finished it at 10:00 pm! Miller and Will seem to have similarities that draw you in and love them! A million thank you’s for turning me into a reader!!!


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