Jenna Rockwell had everything: the career of her dreams, trusted friends, a place to pursue her love of dance, and a choice apartment in the heart of Chicago. Add a chance encounter with the handsome and charming Landon Scott and her life couldn’t get any better.

But it certainly could get worse.

The past Jenna ran from six years ago is finally coming for her, forcing her to make a decision that will drastically alter the life she has been living. It’s either compromise who she has become or run again, dropping off the face of the earth to save the ones she loves.

Ultimately a trail of lies and deceit will force Jenna to choose between the life she has and the one she escaped. A life with Landon or a life without him.

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10 thoughts on “Five

  1. I have just read The Lake Trilogy, one straight after the other as I couldn’t put them down. Luckily I am retired so the housework had to wait!
    Will there be any more written about Will & Layla and their families? I do hope so.


    1. Hi Anne! Thanks so much! I love hearing from my readers! Makes my heart all warm and fuzzy! I just released the entire Lake Trilogy with a novella called Anchored! Right now the box set is only available on iBooks, but keep an eye out for news when it is released on other platforms, as well as when the novella is released on it’s own!

  2. Please release the next book in the Lake Trilogy series…I love this series and am dying for the next book….Thank you Annalisa…:-)

  3. I accidentally downloaded ‘The Lake” book thinking I had another author and my oh my what a surprise. I have not been able to stop reading ! I just finished ‘Troublef Waters ‘ and have downloaded the rest of your books downloaded. You are an amazing author and kept me on the edge of my seat constantly! Just saying thanks

  4. I’ve read all of your books and loved every one of them. I noticed there is a book called Next to Me. When I looked for it on Amazon it shows it is $1,574.00 ??
    Just curious is the book available ?


    1. Hi Sandra! Last year I rebranded Next to Me. I changed the title and cover. The new title is FIVE. It’s the same story. CRAZY that someone is trying to sell a copy of Next to Me for that much! But rest assured, you can get a copy of FIVE for a reasonable price on Amazon or Barnes & Noble! ((HUGS)) AnnaLisa

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