The Cure


Victoria “Vic” Asher is officially a Rogue agent, but balancing a career and a relationship with her handsome team leader, Ian Hale, is challenging. Vic isn’t confident she’s prepared to lose Ian on assignment—which is a risk she must be willing to take.

When Director Penny Thatcher is contacted by an old friend who needs help protecting his daughter, Wren, Thatcher sends in Vic and Ian. Wren is the only person who can find the cure her father developed to combat a deadly bacteria currently in the hands of The Brotherhood of Lenin—who plan on releasing it into the World.

Wren disappears, and what began as a babysitting job turns into a rescue mission. As the team gets closer to finding her, Vic is infected by the virus. Now, they have 48-hours to find the cure and stop The Brotherhood before it’s too late.


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