The Lake (The Lake Series, Book 1)


At 17, Layla Weston is already starting over. Having lost both her parents and grandparents, and with nowhere else to go, Layla is moving from Florida to a small town in North Carolina to live with the only family she has left: her estranged uncle and aunt.

The last five years of Layla’s life were spent appeasing her lessthan-loving grandmother, followed by being her grandfather’s caretaker. Growing old before her time, Layla lost her identity. Now she must learn how to allow herself to be the one cared for and loved.

Life takes an unexpected turn when Layla meets Will Meyer. His breathtaking good looks are enough to catch her eye, but his sincerity and passion are everything she needs to find the strength and confidence she lost — and lead her into love.

When tragedy once again strikes Layla’s life, her hope is all but completely crushed. Through it all, Layla learns what it means to truly love and be loved.

Follow Layla’s story through in Troubled Waters, the second book in AnnaLisa’s Lake series!

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69 thoughts on “The Lake (The Lake Series, Book 1)

    1. Aww! Thank you so much, Destiny! It means so much to me when readers take the time to reach out to me!
      Wow! I’m so glad you have loved Will & Layla’s story so much to read it multiple times!
      Thank you for your kind words! ((HUGS))

  1. i love the 1st book so far and I’m running out of time can u help me with the ending before i have to give back to the library i would renew it but i have already renewed it and can’t renew it again it would mean the would to me if u told me about layla and wills love life ending from the first book!!

  2. I have to tell you I read all three books in about a week. The sad thing is I finished. Great story, thanks for sharing with us.

  3. I just finished book one and loved it. Kind of has a Pride and Prejudice theme which I love! Always looking for clean young adult books for my daughter and this one tugged on all the emotions. Thanks for sharing your talent!!

    1. Thank you so much! I always love hearing from readers! I hope you’ll check out my book As I Am for your daughter. I think you’ll both enjoy that one, too!

      Thanks, again, for taking the time to reach out to me! ((HUGS))

  4. I just finished all of the lake trilogy and i want more. I couldn’t put it down till i finished. I wanted to cry because there was no more. Please more on it. Loved loved it. I am 80 yrs young and i love you.

  5. Thank you so much for writing the lake trilogy series, I fell in love with the stories. Please write one more book about Will and Layla and the twins that they are going to have. Again Thank you. Valerie

  6. I stumbled upon the first book in the Lake Trilogy on accident. I had the first one read in about 2 1/2 hours, and ordered the next two as quickly as I could. I am very conservative, and I love how Will and Layla treat each other like a treasure to be cherished and waited for. I am absolutely enchanted with their story, and all the characters. I am beginning the last of the trilogy today. Can’t wait to get lost in the conclusion of the stories! So well and sweetly written. Well done!

  7. I loved book 1 and now can’t wait to read the others. When looking at the good reads app on my kindle, it showed that the re e is a fourth book called anchored. I can’t find it on Amazon. Can you tell me where I can get it? Thank you!

  8. Hi there!

    I just discovered your books, and really enjoy them! So much that I read the Lake Trilogy in a day! You have a real talent in describing characters, and showing their development. It’s always uplifting to read an Annalisa Grant page turner 🙂 I had a quick question for you, on GoodReads it lists that there is a novella for the series, “Anchored.” Could you tell me what that it, and where to find it? I would love to continue reading about Layla and Will’s adventures in parenthood!



    1. Hi Sydney! Thanks for taking the time to connect with me! I’m so honored that you loved Will and Layla’s story! I can tell you that you’ll find all about Anchored VERY soon! Be sure to follow my Facebook page and sign up for my newsletter! You’ll have all the details soon! ((HUGS))

  9. Just read that there will be a 4th book titled Anchored

    When will it be on Amazon for kindle?!
    I’m going to the beach on March 8, need a beach book!

    (Same place I read the first 3 books!)

  10. Oh my goodness, I bout these three books for my kindle last week. I finished the first two in a couple of days, but started the last one yesterday and finished it today. They were amazing! It was so easy to connect with Layla that I couldn’t put my kindle down!!
    By far the best trilogy I’ve ever read!!
    Loved them!

    Ps: thanks for setting the standard of the “man of my dreams” to be Will Meyer.. Maybe he will come around sometime soon 😉

  11. I just finished this trilogy and I am obsessed. Once I read your bio I became even more obsessed! I am graduating in May with my Master’s in Counseling and this series was an amazing “self-care” read, a welcomed break from pages upon pages of theory textbooks. I can’t wait until Anchored is released. Thanks for sharing these characters stories.

    1. Hi Kelsey! I’m so honored that you loved Layla and Will’s character’s so much! And I’m glad the pages were a welcomed break from Freud and Adler! Congrats on achieving your Master’s degree in Counseling! I know how hard you worked to get there! Best wishes to you! May you provide the best practices as you help facilitate change in those seeking it! It is a noble, yet difficult profession. Make sure you are taking care of yourself. Settling in with a good book is always a good escape! ((HUGS)) – AnnaLisa

    1. Hi Shanequa! Wow! 48 hours might be the new record for reading the entire Lake Trilogy! I’m impressed! Thank you so much! I’m honored that you love Layla’s story so much! It’s readers like you that remind me why I love being a writer so much! ((HUGS))

  12. OMG absolutely, totally, 100% obsessed. My all time favorite love story!! Never found a book that is so amazing and to die for!!

  13. Words can’t describe how much I enjoyed these books! I fell in love with Layla and Will’s story immediately! I read the trilogy in 3 days and since then have read them again! I love to reds and this trilogy is my new favorite! The characters were all so complex and I never knew what would happen next! To was great to see the way that Layla was able to let go of all the pain she has been feeling becuase of Will, Luke, and Claire. Thank you so much for writing such an incredible series!

    1. Aw! You’re so sweet, Joy! I’ve been very honored to have many readers say the same thing. I would love to see Will and Layla’s story on the big screen. We will see what the future holds! Thanks so much for reading!! ((HUGS))

    1. Hi Amanda! Additional Lake Series books will be in the far future. I have several projects that I’m working on right now that are at the top of the list for my agent and publisher. When I can get to the other side, I’ll have to consider what those novellas might look like. Thanks so much for reading!! ((HUGS))

  14. I started reading The Lake yesterday. I finished it in one day and the best thing that happened to me in a long time was learning that it was a part of a trilogy! Thank God! Will and Layla will always be two of my favorite characters with one of the best love stories ever. I’ll be back on here to comment once I’ve finished the entire trilogy. But their story is great so far! I love not knowing what to expect unlike so many other books I have read. Thanks Ms. Grant. I truly appreciate your work!

    1. Hi Kayla! Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out to me. I LOVE hearing from my readers! I am truly honored that you loved and devoured The Lake! I love Layla’s journey and I hope you will enjoy Troubled Waters, Safe Harbor, and Anchored: A Lake Series Novella as much! I look forward to hearing what you think! ((HUGS))

  15. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this trilogy on Amazon! I was looking for a series of books to read and happened to be intrigued with the description of the first book. Just finished Anchored and hate to see it end! I would love to see this series in movie format!! Loved the way you told this adventrous and exciting love story! Will + Layla are the best example of what young love should grow to be.

    1. Hi Rosy! Thanks for reaching out to me. I LOVE hearing from my readers and am honored that you would love Will and Layla’s story so much. I’m so glad you appreciated the evolution of their relationship and their love for each other. It was so important to me that I portrayed that love in a way that is absent from today’s media. I’ve got several other books to write before I can revisit Will and Layla, but I would like to write a few more novella’s from this series. So, stick with me and you’ll eventually see some more! Thanks for reading!! ((HUGS))

  16. Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the Lake Trilogy. I downloaded the 1st book on my Kindle and had no idea how attached I was going to become to Will and Layla! I started reading book 1 on the plane back from the States last week and now I am nearly at the end of book 2. I have so enjoyed the trilogy so far and am looking forward to reading book number 3 all the way in little old New Zealand!

    1. Hi Jamie! Thanks for taking the time to reach out to me! I’m honored that you loved Will and Layla’s story so much! I hope you enjoy book 3, Safe Harbor, and that you get a chance to read Anchored: A Lake Series Novella! I have dreams of visiting New Zealand one day! It seems like such a beautiful place! Thanks again for reading!

  17. Hello There Mrs. Grant! I would like to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lake trilogy. I have read all three books in one month a couple of months ago. I am rereading them today because I saw the advertisement for ‘Anchored’ the 4th book in the series. I think that they should make movies out of these books!! Don’t tell anyone, but I think they are much much better than the Hunger Games Or Divergent :D. Everybody should know about Will’s and Layla’s journey if they read the book or not. You have done such an amazing job making these books and I can’t wait to read Anchored and your other series. You are an amazing author. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Allyson! Thanks so much for reading! I’m honored that you loved Will and Layla’s story so much! I’d love to see their story on the big screen, too! Who knows what the future holds! I’ll be sure to shout it from the rooftops if and when it does happen! Thanks again for reading! ((HUGS))

  18. Loved this series couldn’t put them down, your such a good author cant wait to read other books similar to this series!

  19. Hello Mrs.Grant!!! I absolutely LOVE all four of The books in the lake series! I couldn’t put them down! It drew me in instantly, I finished them in two days! I am almost finished reading them again. I fell in love with Layla and Will! I laughed and cried, I was truly captivated by this story. It saddens me that they are over. I do look forward to there being more in the future(Hopefully)!!

    1. Hi Cheri! Thanks for reaching out! I’m so honored that you loved the series. I’m hoping to write a few more novellas in the future, but have quite a lot on my schedule for a while. Not sure when I’ll get to it, but Will and Layla and everyone in their lives has a special place in mine. I’ll never be able to let them go! Thanks so much for reading! ((HUGS))

  20. I’m looking forward to more novellas, I loved Will & Layla’s journey! Hollywood needs to put this on the big screen! In the world we live in today chivalry is almost nonexistent, it was nice to read a good, clean book and escape!!

    1. Hi Ally! I’m so glad you loved Will and Layla’s story! I’d love to hear what your initial thoughts what the theme/message might be. Because it’s a story of personal growth, that means different things to different people. Thanks! ((HUGS)) AnnaLisa

  21. Omg I have read every one of these books at least 10 times I love them you should never stop writing books because they will always be good don’t let any haters tell you otherwise….

  22. I just finished Anchored last night. This book series was great. I accidentally stumbled across them at the beach a few months ago and have recommended them to my friends. Layla and Will’s story was great. Will there be anymore stories about them?

    1. Hi Misty! Thanks so much for reading and recommending The Lake Series! I’m so glad you loved it! In the back of my mind there are a few Lake Series novellas rolling around, but nothing that is coming out soon. I’m working with my publisher on the Victoria Asher Series (Oxblood released 9/20), and I have some books that I plan on writing and indie publishing next year. But, because Will, Layla, and their whole crew are near and dear to my heart, I know I’ll revisit their stories at some point! Thank you, again, for reading!! ((HUGS)) AnnaLisa

  23. I love these books!! I found my self several times yelling at the characters. I couldn’t put them down, I’m in the middle of finishing book three and I’m hoping for another book. You are a wonderful author.

  24. I have very much enjoyed reading the Lake. I am normally not a fan the young adult , but you have changed my way of reading and thinking.. I am from the older generation. I was very captivated by the story, and will continue to watch for more of your books..

    1. Hi Ronnie! I’m so glad you took a chance on my books! I like to think that even though some of my books are geared to a younger audience, that we can all relate. My 78 year old father has read all of my books! Thanks so much for reading! ((HUGS)) AnnaLisa

  25. I recently stumbled across The Lake when I was looking for something new to read after exhausting the selections on my E-reader. Lol, I’ve read all four now and I really enjoyed where you took the story. I especially liked the setting being I am from the Mooresville/ LakeNorman area and know Davidson rather well. I also found your take on romance and YA very refreshing it’s so very different from the mainstream ones I’ve read in the past, the ones I’ve read before seem to all follow the same plot line and the characters seem to be carbon copies from book to book and it’s really nice to see a more unique plot line and characters that actually appear as if they could think for themselves in real life. So as someone who owns over five hundred books and has read countless more it’s hard to make a real impression on me especially with romance and YA based novels and your books definitely made a good one. So Thanks:)

  26. These books are amazing! I have read them multiple times and I still love them. I still hope for a movie even though it wound be nearly as good as reading it!

  27. I’ve read the 1st and 2nd book of this series and can’t wait to start the 3rd. Can’t put them down!

  28. I’m in 8th grade and lots of kids don’t like reading and i’m not that fond of it either but recently I have been getting books from thrift books and have been reading alot I found your take trilogy and these books are amazing!! I had 2 days off from school so I had thursday friday and the weekend to read the first one and i finished it in three days and started the next one I cant out it down so I have to limit my self to a certain # of pages I started it yesterday and was on page 76 and after reading for one day i’m on page 193. I already ordered the 3rd one and anchored. i’m exited to read them but sad that I will finish so soon. My teacher is gonna think i’m crazy because I’ve been reading so much. I will definitely check out your other books you have written.

    1. Hi Mary! WOW! You just made my day! I love hearing how my books have helped someone become a reader! Thank you SO much! And I can promise you that *this* type is crazy will make your teacher’s heart so happy! ((HUGS))

  29. I LOVED The Lake and am anxious to read the next two but I just contacted my library and they don’t show them as being available. I would prefer not to buy them but I’m lost as to where to go or what to do now. Thanks for the help and the great reading!!

    1. Hmmm…Not sure what to tel you, Jill. All of my books are definitely available to libraries. Keep checking with them, though. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they figure out the glitch! Thank you SO much for reading! ((HUGS))

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